What is Durian®

Durian® represents the personality, elegance, and creativity of a materials that offers the possibility of any style and design.

Our Solid Surface brand. The main component is a mineral (Alumina Trihydrate) when mixed with a low percentage of resins that make a product that can be injected into moulds to obtain the desired forms. Its natural colour is neutral white, a smooth to touch compact material, very hard wearing and highly resistance to impact, allowing the construction of designs without visible joints, consistent and solid through its entire thickness.



Thanks to the quality of its raw materials and the rigorous control in its production process, Durian® has successfully passed the exams for its certification and homologation by the AIDIMA institute, which allows us to transfer 5 years of guarantee to our customers for their greater satisfaction.


Durian® is manufactured by injection in closed moulds, so the only limitation in its forms is our own imagination. The pieces can be joined by means of invisible joints using Durian® in liquid state, generating as a result a single element.


As it is a non-porous material it can be manufactured with imperceptible joints maintaining a totally hygienic surface. Durian® surfaces are resistant to bacteria and fungi.

Exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of infection and disease transmission.

Environmentally friendly

Durian® is manufactured according to strict standards to limit waste and energy consumption at all stages of the production process.

Thanks to the characteristics of the product, your article is inalterable over time, so you can even renew the shape or size without having to discard the piece. This allows us to work for a more ecological and sustainable world.


Durian® resists practically all types of impact, its advanced composition allows easy and simple repair with the simple use of a sandpaper. More serious damage caused by improper use can be repaired “in situ” without having to completely replace the material.

Clean and durable

Thanks to their intrinsic properties, Durian® products are highly resistant to staining by many external agents. In order to achieve a long lasting effect, we recommend a regular cleaning, for which we recommend the use of a soft cream cleaner with microparticles type (CIF) and apply it with a nail saver type (ScothBrite) making circular movements. 

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