Thanks to the quality of the raw materials and rigorous oversight of the production process, Durian has successfully passed all the tests to be certi ed and standardised by the AIDIMA Institute, which allows our clients the satisfaction of bene ting from a 5-year warranty.


Durian® is produced via injection into closed moulds; this means any shape we want is possible – it is just a question of imagining it. The parts can be joined seamlessly using liquid Durian, the end result being a single element.


As this is a pore-free material, it can be manufactured with imperceptible seams, maintaining a fully hygienic surface. Durian® surfaces are bacteria and fungus-resistant.

Extremely easy to clean and maintain, which reduces the risk of infection and transmission of illnesses.


Durian® is made in accordance with strict standards to limit waste and energy consumption in all production stages.

Thanks to the characteristics of the product, your item remains unchanged over time. This means you can have it for as long as you want and even alter its shape or size without having to throw it away. This allows us to work towards a more ecological and sustainable world.


Durian® can resist almost any impact:
its advanced composition means it is easy to repair any possible scratches
or dents using sandpaper. More serious damage resulting from incorrect use may be repaired on site without the need to completely replace the material.

Clean and durable

A Durian® product is highly resistant to the staining of many external agents thanks to its intrinsic properties. To ensure it is long-lasting, clean regularly. You are recommended to use a soft cream cleaner with micro-particles (like CIF) and apply it using scour pads (e.g. Scotch-Brite) in a circular motion.