What is durian?

Durian® is a registered trademark of Solid Surface that has all the required quality certi cates.

The primary component is a mineral (Alumina Trihydrate) which is mixed with a low percentage of resins so our product can be mould-injected to achieve the shapes required. It presents in neutral white, its natural colour, and is pleasing to the touch – similar to the compact mineral. It is very durable, highly resistant to impacts and allows for the creation of spaces without visible seams. It is homogeneous and solid throughout.

Durian® represents the personality, elegance and creativity of materials which make any type of design a possibility.

Shower Trays

Certifications of quality


Certifications of quality


Certifications of quality


Durian® and AIDIMA (the International Technological Institute), with recognition from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, have certi ed that our products in
the following areas comply with all the requirements guaranteeing they are sold according to all the technical demands necessary for their use: washbasins, dishes, counters, bathtubs and panels.